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Igniter Replacement Guide

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The replacement igniters in this page are linked to Our Igniter Products and Mounting Brackets. Click on an igniter (i.e. i360) to view and order the igniter and a bracket (i.e. BR4) to view and order the bracket.

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Part Number
Igniter Replacement
Uni-Line North America 41-238 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-242 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-401 i401
Uni-Line North America 41-402 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-403 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-404 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-405 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-406 i406
Uni-Line North America 41-407 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-408 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-409 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-410 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-411 i360
Uni-Line North America 41-412 i360+BR4
Uni-Line North America 41-414 i360+BR4
Viessmann Manufacturing 9302-083 i360
Viessmann Manufacturing 9302-094 i360
Wayne Home Equipment 62821-001 i360
Wayne Home Equipment 62821-002 i360
Weil-McLain 29074 i360
Weil-McLain 511-330-139 i360
Weil-McLain 511-330-190 i360
Weil-McLain 511-330-193 i360
White-Rogers 767A-301 i360
White-Rogers 767A-303 i360
White-Rogers 767A-306 i360
White-Rogers 767A-309 i401
White-Rogers 767A-310 i360
White-Rogers 767A-311 i360
White-Rogers 767A-350 i360
White-Rogers 767A-352 i401
White-Rogers 767A-353 i360
White-Rogers 767A-354 i360
White-Rogers 767A-356 i401
White-Rogers 767A-357 i360
White-Rogers 767A-361 i360
White-Rogers 767A-364 i360
White-Rogers 767A-365 i360
White-Rogers 767A-366 i360
White-Rogers 767A-369 i401
White-Rogers 767A-370 i360
White-Rogers 767A-371 i360
White-Rogers 767A-372 i408
White-Rogers 767A-373 i360+BR4
White-Rogers 767A-374 i406
Williamson 09050 i360
York International 025-27766-000 i360
York International 025-27774-000 i360
York International 025-29043-000 i360
York International 025-29050-000 i360
York International 025-30277-000 i360
York International 025-31801-000 i360
York International 025-32625-000 i360
York International 025-32626-000 i360
York International 373-09154-700 i360
York International 473-12509-001 i360

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Appliances are constantly undergoing modifications and upgrades. If you can't find what you are looking for in our Replacement Guide, please use the online Contact Form to send us all the information for the item you are looking for. If we don't have it, we'll find it for you!

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Mounting Brackets

In some cases, a specific mounting bracket (i.e. BR4) is required to suit a specific application. In all cases, however, these additional brackets apply only to i360 Universal Igniters. Other igniters do not require them.


Hot surface igniters should be used only in their prescribed applications. Any other use of these igniters is extremely unsafe and ill advised.


Please visit our Warranty page for details of the 3-year manufacturer's warranty on our hot surface igniters and mounting brackets.


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